May 25, 2021

Introducing IQ Load Controller

Introducing Load Control

Starting today, Enphase homeowners will be able to manage their energy with unprecedented control.

As more parts of life become electrified, from cooking to commuting, families need to trust their power is available, whether connected to the grid or not. With that in mind, we’re rolling out industry-first functionality to make home energy management intelligent and easy to set up.

Enphase customers can now decide what gets power in their home in the event of a grid outage — all done from the Enphase app. If a homeowner knows certain electrical loads aren’t critical during a power outage — such as a pool pump — they can be set to drop automatically, saving more stored energy for critical loads such as medical devices, refrigeration, cooking, and air conditioning. When grid power comes back, power to the dropped device is seamlessly restored.

In Battery Mode, homeowners can prioritize loads based on how much stored energy remains. For example, a homeowner could keep the air conditioner running until the battery is at 30 percent, and then drop it to prioritize backup for more critical functions.

Many homeowners want electrical loads such as EV charging to drop when the grid goes down to preserve energy for the home. But there are times when charging a car can become more important than powering a home. In the Enphase app, overriding a setting is now as easy as setting it up in the first place — it’s a finger tap away.

Introducing Load Control.


Now homeowners can set up their entire home for backup and manage their energy digitally in the event of an outage. This makes installation simpler and doesn’t require adding an expensive critical load panel or oversizing on energy storage for whole-home backup.

If a homeowner’s needs change over time and more backup power is required, adding more energy storage with Enphase couldn’t be simpler with both the IQ 3 and IQ 10.

Enphase will continue to roll out features and functionality through over-the-air updates that make controlling energy easy while adding resilience and reducing emissions.

Financing Options

Starting today, existing Enphase Solar customers can upgrade their systems to include battery storage through a loan. Homeowners can buy a 10kWh battery and a 5-year warranty extension for up to 15 years of limited warranty coverage. Qualified applicants can pay zero interest with no payments for a year or select a 15-year financing option with payments as low as $70 a month. As always, financing is available for qualified new solar-plus-storage customers.

IQ battery chemistry is safer by design, and microinverters provide better reliability without high-power DC voltage — putting product safety first where it matters most, at home. A passive cooling system provides better performance with fewer moving parts. And of course, if anything ever goes wrong, Enphase offers 24/7 support.

Ask your solar installer to help you choose the best financing option for your budget or find an installation partner in your area here.

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