March 3, 2023

Jump start: Tauber Solar installs Enphase nationwide


Tauber Solar provides installation services for solar systems. The Tauberbischofsheim-based company was founded in 2001 and had 37 employees as of 2022, including 10 planners and 13 field staff. Tauber Solar has designed and installed more than 500 solar systems throughout Germany in the more than two decades since its startup. Martin Schmitt is one of four managing directors who also act as partners. Schmitt began his career at Tauber Solar in 2012 as technical manager, coming on board at that time with more than two years of experience in the PV industry, both as a planner and in contract planning. 

Technology dispels doubts

Schmitt has particularly high praise for the shade insensitivity of Enphase systems. This greatly simplifies planning, since Tauber Solar does not have to “plan around shaded areas”. On the contrary, it can also use these areas for PV modules without impairing the performance of other modules. This advantage is particularly noticeable in the large systems requested by customers.

Enphase inverters also offer numerous advantages in day-to-day use. To start with, their small size means they save storage space. And, since they are completely modular and one type of microinverter is suitable for all types of PV systems, installations can be prepared at the company. This enables Tauber Solar to preconfigure complete modules consisting of panels, microinverters and base frame on its own premises. The company then only needs to attach and connect them at the customer's site. “This saves the installer a lot of time on site, which saves the customer money. This is a huge advantage over string inverters,” explains Schmitt.

In addition, microinverters are advantageous in that they don’t require high DC voltages, and consequently pose fewer risks for installers and operators than string inverters. Depending on the number of PV modules, a series connection can result in a DC string that conducts over 600 volts. This also significantly reduces the risk of fire during operation. Enphase microinverters boast impressive robustness and durability as well. Enphase batteries feature lithium-iron phosphate technology, which offers significantly higher energy density compared to conventional lithium-ion batteries. To boot, Enphase offers a 25-year warranty on the inverters and 10 years on the batteries - unrivalled in the industry.

Next up after assembly: monitoring

Enphase products are impressive after they’ve been installed as well, e.g. during monitoring, which normal individuals and professionals can handle quickly and easily with the Enphase App. Schmitt’s own system helped convince him of this, since "the most important data is available at a glance and the analysis is easy to understand." Should problems nevertheless arise, Enphase’s service staff has more than proven itself. In addition to providing fast, expert help for on-site problems, the company’s service personnel keep customers happy by always answering queries to the maximum extent possible. Tauber Solar's full order books are proof that these capabilities are attracting customers. "We have so many orders that we need more staff," Schmitt says. 

Sunny future in exotic climes

"We’re completely satisfied and will continue to intensify our cooperation with Enphase," explains Schmitt.  There is also growing demand for the emergency power capability of Enphase installations. For Tauber Solar, this is of particular interest in light of its special projects with Enphase, e.g. in Mauritius, where solar power generation is more worthwhile due to the greater number of hours of sunshine, which should lead to independence from fossil fuels.

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