June 29, 2021

The Enphase Envoy S: Knowledge is power

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By Olivia Smith, Communications Manager, Enphase APAC

First up, this post is not about solar. It’s about energy in the home. Now that we’re clear on that, let’s get started.

Over the past decade Australians have seen significant increases in power prices and have also become increasingly aware of the impacts of their own carbon footprints.  Whilst expensive power has inflicted hardship upon many, it has also been a major catalyst in the widespread adoption of solar, with a staggering 20% of Australian homes having installed a system. As a result of this and the eco-lifestyle movement, electricity is no longer a simple commodity, but a conscious purchase decision. And that is a great thing.

Energy has finally made its way into mainstream conversation. Those who have taken the step to install an Enphase system are proud of their choice. In fact, you could say that solar and eco-conscious living fit within a global mega-trend alongside health, wellness, travel, work-life balance, philanthropy, political awareness, animal welfare, environmental issues and so-forth. It’s about wanting to live your best life, and it’s the new age lifestyle to aspire to.

Let’s talk off-grid

The term alone inspires thoughts of freedom, remoteness, being with nature, happiness, independence, and self-reliance. In its more literal sense, many are drawn to the idea of going off-grid in order to get greater control of the amount they pay for power, and to do their bit for the planet at the same time. The reality is, going completely off-grid is only possible with very large battery capacity or very low energy consumption. Whether you go off-grid or not, everyone has the opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint (and power bill) by leveraging some or all of the following:

  • Energy-efficient appliances (reduces your energy consumption)
  • Off-peak energy usage (minimises the amount you pay for power)
  • Rooftop solar
  • Energy storage (with the aim of going ‘partially off-grid’)

In order to make the most of any of these options it is important to have a thorough understanding of your current situation.

For one moment, forget about solar, forget about storage. On a global scale, think about energy consciousness in general. There is a lot of awareness around energy, but what’s missing is for each and every home to have total transparency of their energy use. Just think what monumental change this would bring - total transparency. You can see how much power you’re using, when you’re using it, what you’re using it for, where it’s coming from (grid/solar/home batteries if applicable), and you can even control parts of this picture. Sounds like the stuff of the Jetsons, but it’s actually here today.

Enphase smarts in any home

The Enphase AC Battery may get all the attention, but Envoy-S Metered is the quiet achiever. This kid is smart, and very versatile.

The Enphase Envoy-S Metered and its accompanying app, Enlighten, work in any home (with any type/brand of solar system, or none at all), meaning for around $500 AUD, you can have total energy insight and more importantly, control over your energy future.

Together, Envoy-S Metered and Enphase Enlighten App allow homeowners to closely monitor their household electricity consumption on a timeline throughout the day, as well as the production of any existing solar PV system. For example, you can see how much power you used between 2-3pm yesterday, what portion came from the grid, from your solar system (if applicable), and how much excess solar power was stored in your home battery (if applicable). That night between 7-8pm, you can see how much power you drew from the battery and from the grid.

Households without solar can see their energy consumption on a timeline throughout the day, giving them all the information they need to decide what size solar and/or battery storage system they need.

Having such detailed insight into the daily supply/demand energy equation will allow you to seek much more specific, and therefore effective, solutions to your energy needs.  Everyone’s household consumption is different and supply tariffs vary significantly so there is no “one size fits all” solution to your energy needs.  Imagine trying to plan a dinner party without knowing the number of guests that will attend.  Having the knowledge of  your current conditions will give you the power to correctly size any future solar PV or energy storage system, or simple identify ways to take advantage of time of use tariffs and identify any power hungry loads which you could improve on.

Attributes of the Enphase Envoy-S Metered

  • Best value consumption monitoring on the market
  • 15 minute energy consumption monitoring (sampled every 2 seconds)
  • 15 minute solar generation monitoring (sampled every 2 seconds)
  • Control of an Enphase AC Battery (energy storage system) to achieve self-consumption, peak load shifting and time of use optimisation
  • Integration with Enphase’s online monitoring portal MyEnlighten and mobile phone apps
  • Compatible with ALL existing PV systems and can even be installed in homes without solar
  • WiFi enabled
  • Cellular option for homes without internet

A world of potential

Enphase technology provides market-leading energy management solutions, but where the power lies in the platform. Enphase’s open API allows third party developers to build additional capabilities that add value to the solution, and this ecosystem of apps is set to grow along with the Internet of Things. Similar to the smartphone - the power lies not in what is is,  but in what it can do.

In 2016, homes with Enphase Envoy-S Metered and Enlighten will gain access to an ecosystem of energy apps that will only continue to expand over time. Welcome to energy’s digital age.

The Enphase Home Energy Solution will be on display at The New Joneses pop-up home in Melbourne’s City Square from February 8th-27th. For more information visit http://www.thenewjoneses.com/

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