Microinverters raise the roof for greenhouse solar power

Greenhouse Solar Power
project summary
Vine Fresh Produce
Sentinel Solar
Middlesex Power Distribution Corporation
Strathroy, Ontario, Canada
Farming & Agriculture

2,300 kW

solar system size

Why solar?

David Ruby operates six acres of greenhouse facilities that grow fresh produce for thousands of Ontario residents. Ruby wanted to install solar to take advantage of Ontario’s feed-in tariff (FiT) program, which pays owners of solar systems to export their produced electricity to the grid. With the FiT payments, he would be able to offset electricity costs on site. 

Why Enphase?

The “sawtooth” shape and delicate nature of the greenhouse rooftops posed a design challenge for installer Sentinel Solar.  However, Sentinel was able to use Enphase microinverters to minimize system materials and the weight load on the roof, as well as maximize solar production despite sporadic shade. The Enlighten monitoring software now allows Ruby to remotely track his enormous 2.3 megawatt system down to each module, so he can easily and accurately pinpoint performance issues.