November 28, 2023

Automatically charge ahead of severe weather

Enphase EV charger plugged in to a car

Storm Guard is an Enphase app feature that monitors severe weather-condition alerts issued by the National Weather Service (NWS). If a severe weather alert is active in your locality, it prioritizes EV (Electric Vehicle) charging and energy storage to protect you from weather-related grid outages. This feature applies to all Enphase system users, including standalone IQ EV Chargers and Enphase Home Energy Systems. The Storm Guard feature can be used from the Enphase app.  

The Storm Guard feature can be in one of the following two states: 

  • Enabled:  When enabled, the Storm Guard feature monitors severe weather-condition alerts issued by the National Weather Service (NWS). If NWS issues a warning for your area, Storm Guard will override your system profile (if applicable) to initiate charging for your EV and home battery (if available), ensuring you are prepared for a potential grid outage. 

  • Disabled: In this state, weather alerts are not monitored for your area. If there is an active alert, you may face a blackout due to weather-related grid outages. Therefore, keeping the Storm Guard feature enabled is recommended as it allows your power to remain on despite such outages. 

By default, your system has Storm Guard enabled to ensure a reliable home energy backup system during a storm. 

How to enable/disable the Storm Guard feature 

Navigate to Menu>Settings>Profile  

Toggle the button to enable/disable the Storm Guard feature

Storm Guard_integrated

What happens when the Storm Guard feature is enabled and there is an active alert? 

If NWS issues a weather alert for your area, ‘Storm Alert: On’ is displayed under ‘Profile’ on the Status and Live Status pages. Your EV and home batteries will charge from solar as a first choice, and the grid is used as a second choice until the storm alert is on for your system. 

When the alert ends, your profile returns to its previous settings. 

List of severe weather alerts monitored by the Storm Guard feature

Ashfall Warning 

Avalanche Warning 

Avalanche Watch 

Blizzard Warning 

Civil Danger Warning 

Coastal Flood Warning 

Dense Smoke Advisory 

Dust Storm Warning 

Earthquake Warning 

Evacuation - Immediate 

Excessive Heat Warning 

Extreme Cold Warning 

Extreme Fire Danger 

Extreme Wind Warning 

Fire Warning 

Flash Flood Warning 

Flood Warning 

Gale Warning 

Hazardous Materials Warning 

Heat Advisory 

High Wind Warning 

Hurricane Force Wind Warning 

Hurricane Warning 

Ice Storm Warning 

Lake Effect Snow Warning 

Lakeshore Flood Warning 

Local Area Emergency 

Nuclear Power Plant Warning 

Radiological Hazard Warning 

Severe Thunderstorm Warning 

Severe Thunderstorm Watch 

Snow Squall Warning 

Storm Surge Warning 

Storm Warning 

Tornado Warning 

Tornado Watch 

Tropical Storm Warning 

Tsunami Warning 

Tsunami Watch 

Typhoon Warning 

Volcano Warning 

Wind Advisory 

Wind Chill Advisory 

Wind Chill Warning 

Winter Storm Warning 

Winter Weather Advisory 




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