September 7, 2023

Features of the Enphase IQ EV Charger

Woman plugging in Enphase EV Charger into electric vehicle

Whether you have just made an impulse purchase or finally have your hands on an EV after years of waiting, finding the best way to charge your EV should be the next step of your journey. While electric vehicles have a significantly lower environmental impact than gas-powered cars, charging your EV battery with a clean power source like solar energy can help you lower your carbon footprint even further while reducing your EV charging costs significantly.

With the number of EVs sold in the United States increasing every year since 2018, including 53% year-over-year growth in 2022, we have created a charging solution designed for the future of EV travel with total user control. Built for durability, cost-savings, safety, and informed decision-making, let’s dive into the most important features of the future-proof IQ EV Charger.

The brain

The IQ EV Charger is named for its “brainy” performance. At its core, the IQ EV Charger operates using intelligent software that contains a combination of built-in features within the Enphase App and customization designed to empower homeowners with total charging control. Whether you would like to lower your charging costs, minimize the environmental impact of your vehicle, or both, the system can be optimized to help you meet your goals.

Configurations, customizations, and automation

The IQ EV Charger comes with many different operating modes, including Self-Consumption and Savings, to guide you toward your energy goals. When integrated with an Enphase Energy System, the “Self-Consumption” profile in the app enables EV charging from excess home solar energy and battery capacity. In areas with time-of-use utility rates, the IQ EV Charger can automatically recommend an optimized, off-peak charging schedule so that you can avoid peak electricity rates and save money on EV charging.

Profile view of the Enphase Energy App Schedule view of the Enphase Energy App

You can set reminders to plug in based on your charging schedule, set controls to ensure your EV never charges during peak hours, and so much more.

Cloud connection and cost optimization

Cloud-connected via Wi-Fi, the IQ EV Charger can be controlled remotely via the Enphase App so that you always know your charging status. Within the app, the IQ EV Charger reports data in real time, including a detailed session analysis of charging to help you make informed decisions.

Enphase Energy App

Using the “Savings” profile on the Enphase App, you can ensure your EV charges only during off-peak hours using solar energy and battery power.

Savings view of the Enphase Energy App

Optimized for right now and much later

Sending real-time notifications, reminders, and recommendations straight to your phone, the IQ EV Charger works around the clock to maintain optimal performance at every moment. As you expand your energy system with storage batteries and other hardware, you can unlock even more of the benefits of the IQ EV Charger.

With built-in features such as Storm Guard, you can prepare for inclement weather by automatically prioritizing your home and EV battery charging for access to power in the case of a local electrical outage. Designed for ongoing adaptations and real-time response, the IQ EV Charger is a future-proof way to expand your energy independence.

Profile view of the Enphase Energy App - Full Backup

The body

The IQ EV Charger is a high-quality, durable charger built for high performance in any weather conditions. With eight power and plug options to best fit your property’s electricity panel and EV charging needs, each IQ EV Charger is constructed with industry-leading research, design, and hardware to guarantee results in every charge.

IQ EV charger

High-quality, rugged hardware

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, the IQ EV Charger gives you the flexibility to install the equipment wherever it will fit best on your property. Complete with an impact and crush-resistant connector, a 25-foot charging cable, and a fully-sealed NEMA 4 enclosure, you will not have to worry about rain, snow, or excessive sun damaging any of your EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment).

12x faster charging

Once installed, the IQ EV Charger can deliver highly efficient charging speeds, up to 12 times faster than a standard wall outlet. With faster charging, this means that you can always spend less time waiting around for a full battery before hitting the road and living your life.

Reliability and support

Built to meet the highest safety and efficiency standards, IQ EV Chargers are both ETL & Energy Star certified. For the best possible experience post-installation, the IQ EV Charger comes with an industry-leading, limited five-year warranty and 24/7 support from our global customer service team.

To start your smart-charging journey, allow us to help you find an EV charger installer near you. By working with a licensed professional, you can ensure a safe and economical installation.

Why buy an IQ EV Charger?

By purchasing and installing an IQ EV Charger, you are putting yourself and your EV in the best position for optimized costs, controls, and carbon emissions to meet your specific energy goals.

Not just another smart EV charger, the IQ EV Charger combines high-quality hardware, intelligent software, and 24/7 world-class customer support to make it the perfect partner for your EV. All controlled within the Enphase App, the IQ EV Charger has the body, brains, and brand you need to achieve long-lasting, low-cost, and solar-powered EV charging.

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