December 14, 2022

Tips on installing an EV charger


Installing an Enphase EV Charger is not difficult, but we recommend using a licensed electrical contractor. Any licensed electrician can install an electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE), also called a charging station or charger.

We maintain a database of electricians with experience installing EV chargers. Just enter your location, and we'll provide a list of local installers you can contact. We recommend using a licensed electrician to install the product because there are specific electrical requirements for the product itself, wiring size requirements, and local electrical codes that an electrician will know, ensuring that the charging station is installed correctly and safely.

A licensed electrician can also assess the home's current electrical infrastructure and advise you if there's any additional work necessary (for example, a panel upgrade in an older home). Most homes will have capacity available. The work will merely be wiring the station to a dedicated circuit in the case of a hardwired charger or installing a receptacle/outlet in the case of a plug-in charger.

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