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Drive your fleet into the future with our full range of reliable charging solutions.

EV charger fleet

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High-powered Level 2 EV charging

Enphase charging solutions offer up to an impressive 19.2 kW of power, supporting fleet vehicles with higher AC charging rates.

EVSE charging incentives

Take advantage of available EVSE rebates and incentives to lower EVSE charging station costs. 

Ideal for private or public fleets

Our solutions cater to a range of fleets including municipal vehicles, school buses, delivery vehicles, ride-sharing services, and rental cars.

Advanced fleet management

COSMOS technology enables integration with compatible energy management systems to provide features like load management and more.

commercial EV Chargers

Customized EV charging solutions for your fleet

Enphase offers EV charging solutions to meet virtually all fleet charging requirements. Our team of experts can help you evaluate your fleet’s typical daily routes, charging capabilities, available infrastructure, and applicable utility conditions to help you select the solution that's right for you. We can also connect you with experienced independent EV charging station installers and help you learn about available EV charging incentives.

Enhance your commercial stations with these specialized charging capabilities


Integrate with compatible energy management systems

Available now, our proprietary COSMOS interface allows select Enphase HCS and CS EV Chargers to integrate with compatible external energy management systems, inline meters, and access control systems to unlock a host of value-added benefits such as load management.

Save with Share2

Economically double your stations with two chargers on one circuit.

Monitoring and control

Remote oversight of EV charging stations allows prompt issue resolution.

Customized charging plans

Set power levels based on needs and available energy supply.

Authorized access

Sync HCS Chargers with ChargeGuard EX for access only to approved users.

Unified energy management

Gain enhanced control of energy use and improve how you charge your fleet.

Diagnostics and reports

Access advanced data on EVSE usage and performance.

Tailored mounting for easier use

Enphase mounting systems offer you affordable, reliable, and easy-to-install solutions that streamline your fleet charging infrastructure by hosting two or more EV chargers on a single pedestal.

ProMountDuo Pedestal
Universal Pedestal
Universal Pedestal Extension

ADA-compliant dual charger pedestal

Install two HCS EV Chargers effortlessly with our ProMountDuo. Designed to meet ADA height and reach guidelines, it’s a perfect solution for accessible parking lot charging.

All hardwired IQ and HCS EV Chargers

ProMountDuo Universal Pedestal (mount one or two)

Versatile mounting for up to four chargers

Maximize your charging infrastructure with our Universal Pedestal. Accommodate up to two CS EV Chargers or up to four HCS EV Chargers using our dual or quad mount adapters, and keep your cables and connectors tidy with optional extension kits, sold separately.

All hardwired IQ and HCS EV Chargers

  • HCS Pedestal (mount one)

  • HCS Pedestal Adapter (dual) (mount two)

  • HCS Pedestal Adapter (quad) (mount four)

Reduce wear and tear on your EV chargers with easy cable mounting

Avoid tripping hazards and keep cables off the ground by adding the Universal Pedestal Extension.

All hardwired IQ and HCS EV Chargers 

  • HCS Pedestal (mount one)

  • HCS Pedestal Adapter (dual) (mount two)

  • Universal Pedestal Extension (dual) (mount two)

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 Enphase limited warranty

We help ensure a smooth, no-stress experience with a 5-year limited warranty for Enphase HCS and IQ EV Chargers, and a 3-year limited warranty for Enphase CS EV Chargers.




5 year limited warranty

24/7 support

Get easy access to ongoing customer support for anything you need, at any time of day.



Safety comes standard


Enphase commercial EV chargers are tested and certified by a Nationally Recognized Testing Lab (NRTL) such as UL or ETL.


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