January 7, 2024

Optimize infrastructure: Enphase Dual Chargers

Optimize EV Charging Infrastructure with Enphase Dual EV Chargers

The push toward electrification in the automotive industry has increased demand for efficient and cost-effective EV charging solutions. Understanding the best options for their needs is crucial for business owners, fleet operators, commercial property owners, and facility managers interested in providing EV charging services. Enphase's HCS Dual Charger emerges as an excellent solution, particularly for those seeking to optimize existing electrical infrastructure or minimize expenses.

The Enphase HCS Dual Charger is an innovative single charger designed to be installed either indoors or outdoors. It uses a single circuit, making it more economical than two chargers. Equipped with two in-built charging cables, this charger allows simultaneous charging of two vehicles from one circuit, optimizing usage and increasing charging capacity without additional infrastructure costs.

A standout feature of the HCS Dual EV Charger is its intelligent power allocation. When two vehicles are plugged in and require charging, the charger automatically divides the power equally between the two cars. However, once one vehicle reaches full charge, the charger understands this and redirects the full power to the second vehicle. This feature allows faster charging if the car accepts higher power, reducing overall charging time.

The HCS Dual Charger is an excellent choice for workplace and public charging facilities. The 25-foot length of the charging cables ensures longer reach even if the cars are parked far away. Enphase offers dual EV Chargers in various power and installation types, such as the HCS-D40, a hardwired, 32 A, Level 2 EV charger that offers a continuous power of up to 7.7 kW.

The HCS Dual Chargers feature impact-resistant rubber overmolded J1772 connectors and a five-year limited warranty, adding peace of mind for users. This universal charger is compatible with any EV currently sold in North America, enhancing its practicality and usage.

Features of Enphase Dual EV Chargers:

  • Charging capability of up to 38 miles per hour with one vehicle plugged in and up to 19 miles per hour if two cars are plugged in

  • A rugged, fully sealed NEMA 4 enclosure for indoor or outdoor installation

  • A five-year limited warranty for added assurance

  • Impact-resistant rubber overmolded J1772 universal connectors, suitable for charging all electric vehicles currently sold in the United States.

  • A lengthy 25-foot charging cable for flexible installation and usability

  • Integrated cable wrap and free wall-mount connector holster for keeping the charging cord neatly stowed

  • ETL Listing ensuring the charger adheres to the strict UL safety guidelines

  • ENERGY STAR® Certification ensuring energy efficiency

  • No on/off switch is required, saving power with minimal standby power consumption

  • An automatic circuit reclosure timer for rechecking conditions and resuming charging in case of a minor power fault

Enphase's HCS Dual Chargers are powerful, efficient, and cost-effective solutions for all your EV charging needs. Their versatile, space-saving design and intelligent power allocation make them the perfect EV charger for businesses, workplaces, and fleet operators transitioning to electric vehicles.