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Technical specifications and features of products and services
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Product documentation on compliance with standards and criteria
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Learn how to install Enphase products
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Frequently asked questions
Are there any special installation instructions for microinverters with integrated MC4 connectors?

There are no special instructions for microinverters with integrated MC4 connectors. Please follow the same installation practices as outlined in the Enphase installation manual.

Are the IQ8P-3P and IQ8H-3P high-power three-phase residential versions of the IQ8 series microinverters?

No, the IQ8P-3P and IQ8H-3P constitute a separate commercial product line designed specifically for three-phase installations only. The IQ8 Commercial Microinverters feature an entirely different form factor and mounting bracket and are only compatible with the three-phase QD Cable and IQ Commercial Gateway 2. IQ8 series microinverters used for residential purposes are only compatible with single/split-phase systems utilizing Enphase Q Cable and IQ Gateway.

What are the product numbers of microinverters with MC4 connectors?

This table lists the existing product SKU numbers and their equivalent integrated MC4 connector counterparts.

IQ Microinverter with adapter cable (Q-DCC-2)

IQ Microinverter with integrated MC4 connector

IQ7-60-2-US IQ7-60-M-US
IQ7A-72-2-US IQ7A-72-M-US
IQ8-60-2-US IQ8-60-M-US
IQ8M-72-2-US IQ8M-72-M-US
IQ8A-72-2-US IQ8A-72-M-US
IQ8H-240-72-2-US IQ8H-240-72-M-US
IQ8H-208-72-2-US IQ8H-208-72-M-US


How will a three-phase IQ8 Series Microinverters Enphase Energy System design differ from a three-phase IQ7+ Enphase Energy system design?
  • A three-phase IQ7+ system utilizes the IQ7+ Microinverter, Enphase Q Cable (2-wired cable) and the Enphase IQ Gateway Commercial – either standalone or as part of the Enphase Three Phase Network Protection Relay (TPNPR) to provide loss of phase detection. Phase balancing in a three-phase IQ7+ system requires allocating the branch circuits equally across the three phases in the PV aggregation panel.

  • A three-phase IQ8 Commercial microinverter system utilizes the IQ8P-3P or IQ8HC-3P microinverter, the Enphase QD Cable (4-wired cable) and the Enphase IQ Gateway Commercial 2. In no circumstance is the Enphase TPNPR required on an IQ8 Commercial PV system. The QD Cable provides Auto Phase Rotation and Neutral Sense Capabilities. Please visit the IQ8 Commercial information page for configuration diagrams.

Will the Commercial Enphase Energy System be compatible with other battery storage in the market?
  • Enphase has not evaluated nor tested the integration of the IQ8 Commercial PV System with any 3rd-party single-phase or three-phase battery solution and cannot support installations where three-phase solar PV and 3rd-party storage integration are required.

Is there a difference in cost between microinverters with integrated connectors and microinverters using adapter cables?

No, there is no price difference between the microinverters that have integrated MC4 connectors and those that use adapter cables.

What are the features of a Commercial Enphase Energy System?
  • The Enphase IQ8 Commercial PV System is a grid-tied, three-phase, 208V PV solution that will be fully compliant with IEEE1547:2018 standards upon release. Each IQ8 Commercial microinverter, either the IQ8P-3P or IQ8HC-3P, connects to a single PV module and integrates with the Enphase IQ Commercial Gateway 2 and Enphase monitoring and analysis software. The IQ8 Commercial PV System will offer system-level rapid shutdown compliance with UL-listed PV modules; offers advanced grid functionalities, voltage and frequency ride through, and neutral sense capabilities.

Will Enphase also launch a three-phase commercial battery solution?
  • Enphase is evaluating storage solutions for three-phase applications. We look forward to providing an update in the future.

Can the installer reduce the cable slack to connect to the solar panel lead cable?

It doesn't use an external bulkhead adapter, so the overall cable is a bit less. However, module leads are typically 4 to 6 feet long, so the impact is minimal.

Will installers use the same commissioning and monitoring software for Commercial Enphase Energy Systems as I do for other Enphase installations?
  • Yes, you will use the same commissioning application for IQ8 Commercial PV Systems and you will be able to monitor your entire fleet of installed systems, irrespective of individual site type or microinverter. In anticipation of IQ8 Commercial, Enphase plans to rollout advanced fleet management and kiosk features to our existing software application in 2022. These new features will be accessed through your existing dashboard and login credentials.

What three-phase commercial solutions does Enphase offer to installers?
  • Installers can currently deploy Enphase solutions for three-phase electrical service customers utilizing the Enphase IQ7+, Q Cable and IQ Commercial Gateway. This provides a 208V three-phase solar PV solution compatible with 208V three-phase electrical main service panels and 480V electrical main service panels when the PV is connected to the low side of a 480-208 transformer. For locations requiring loss of phase detection. The Enphase Three Phase Network Protection Relay, which includes the IQ Commercial Gateway, offers loss of phase detection for sites that need it.

Will microinverters requiring MC4 adapter cables be phased out completely?

Yes, all microinverters will eventually have integrated MC4 connectors. We are gradually transitioning each inverter in a phased manner.

Will system owners use the same Enphase App to monitor their Commercial Enphase Energy System as their home energy system?
  • Yes, all system owners will utilize the same app, irrespective of system type. Owners with multiple systems can access all their Enphase systems from a single login to the Enphase App.

Can I use IQ8, IQ8A, IQ8M, or IQ8+ Microinverters from the IQ8 series with three-phase commercial systems?
  • No. IQ8, IQ8A, IQ8M, or IQ8+ Microinverters are not UL listed and nor tested for three-phase applications hence cannot be used with three-phase commercial systems.

What are the power output levels of IQ8P-3P and IQ8H-3P?
  • IQ8 Commercial Microinverters will be available in two variants. IQ8P-3P with 475W maximum continuous output power (480W, peak power); and IQ8HC-3P with 380W maximum continuous output power (384W, peak power).

What modules will be compatible with the Commercial Enphase Energy System?
  • IQ8 Commercial microinverters are compatible with high-power modules from 54-cell up to 72-cell with full or cut-cell configuration. 

Where can I get data sheets for microinverters with integrated MC4 connectors?

Download the data sheets or browse all our technical publications in the Documentation Center.

Is the Commercial Enphase Energy System grid-forming capable?
  • No, IQ8 Commercial PV systems will be grid-tied only upon release Spring 2023.

How should I document model numbers in permits and plan sets?

Enphase recommends installers submit Enphase microinverter model numbers on permits and plan sets using an “-x” in place of either the “-2” or “-M”, and add “where x = 2 or M.”

For example: “Model Number: IQ7-60-x-US, where x = 2 or M” or “IQ8PLUS-72-x-US, where x = 2 or M.”

Where can I find more information on the IQ8P-3P and IQ8H-3P from Commercial Enphase Energy Systems?
  • Please visit our IQ8 Commercial page here:


While ordering microinverters with integrated MC4 connectors, do I get Q-DCC-2 adapter cable too?

Microinverters with integrated MC4 connectors will not be shipped with a Q-DCC-2 adapter cable, as they are no longer necessary.

Does Enphase offer any design-related services to Commercial Enphase Energy System installers?

Enphase is currently offering, for a limited time, design reviews at no charge for commercial systems. Separately, a select set of Enphase Installer Network (EIN) installers can now procure comprehensive design services from Enphase.

If you’re interested in procuring design services for prospective commercial projects using IQ7+ Series or IQ8 Series Microinverters, please reach out to your Enphase regional sales manager.

Objectives, requirements, and specifications of Enphase products
Features and benefits of Enphase products to customers
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