Seamless resilience during extended grid outages​.​

Enphase Energy Systems can seamlessly integrate an AC home standby generator into a solar and battery solution for extra power during an extended grid outage. No glitches. No resetting clocks. Take the generator integration certification training course to unlock this feature in the Enphase Installer App.
An activation fee per system will apply for this feature starting in 2023.

Key features

The Enphase AC architecture and industry-leading microinverters eliminate a single point of failure and provide maximum power to the home when connected to a generator​.

Seamlessly integrate solar and battery with a compatible generator when the system goes off grid or when the battery reaches a low level of charge – all without losing power during transition because the generator is part of the system.

Works with most AC generators installed in the US. No external automatic transfer switch needed. See list of compatible generators in the tech brief below.

All-in-one app now includes generator features like real-time power flow, remote start/stop, quiet time, and vacation mode.​

Technical resources

Generator support quick links for installers.

Quick Reference

Add a generator to the Enphase Energy system


Technical brief

Download the technical document for generator support.


Generator qualification training for certified installers

Get certified

Enphase IQ System Controller 2 data sheet