EV Chargers​

Enphase offers a wide array of EV Chargers for residential and commercial applications. Use the following chart to find your ideal charger.

HCS EV Chargers

Designed for commercial use, yet perfect for the home, HCS EV Chargers come in multiple power and installation options with up to 61 miles per hour of charging.


AmazingE EV Chargers

Lighter-weight, smaller-profile AmazingE EV Chargers are available in multiple power and installation options with up to 31 miles of range per hour of charging.


LCS EV Chargers

Lower-power, streamlined LCS EV Chargers are designed for commercial or residential installations with up to 23 miles of range per hour of charging.


EV Charger accessories

We offer a wide range of accessories and mounting equipment to enhance your EV Charger installation. From test equipment to pedestals, you’ll find it all here.

Standard features

Safety certified by an NRTL

Tested and certified by a Nationally Recognized Testing Lab (NRTL) such as UL or ETL.

Automatic circuit reclosure

In the event of a minor power fault, charging will resume automatically, if needed.

Circuit interruption device

Ground fault protection with fully automated self-test.

Service ground monitor

Constantly checks for the presence of a proper safety ground connection.


  HCS EV Chargers AmazingE EV Chargers LCS EV Chargers
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Type Level 2 Level 2 Level 2
Miles per hour of charging 15–61 15–31 15–23
Power 16–64 Amp 16–32 Amp 12–24 Amp
Voltage 240V 240V 240V
Hardwire option Yes Yes Yes
Plug option Yes Yes Yes
Dual charger option Yes No No
Cable length 25 ft 18–25 ft 25 ft
Integrated cable wrap Yes No Yes
Wall mount Yes Yes Yes
Pedestal mount Yes No Yes
Travel-friendly No Yes Yes
Ruggedized option Yes No No
Connectivity available Yes No No
Access control available Yes No No
Lockable J1772 connector Yes Yes Yes
Expanded functionality available Yes No No
Circuit sharing available Yes No No
Product weight 14 lbs 5–8 lbs 5 lbs
Limited warranty 3–5 years 3 years 3 years
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