Our commitment

Data and solar technologies are transforming the modern energy industry. With the growth of connected devices, systems, platforms, and services providing individuals and businesses with smarter and more effective energy management solutions, Enphase recognizes the need for a strong focus on cybersecurity to protect the potential offered by this interconnected, data-driven energy model. At Enphase, we create and provide products and services centered around positive customer experience and high-quality solutions to meet the highest security standards. That focus governs how we approach cybersecurity across our business.

Enphase takes a multi-layered approach to ensuring safety and security. Because technology and cyber threats continue to evolve, we continuously evaluate and adopt security measures. Cybersecurity practices embedded in our business processes help protect the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of data – and the systems it comes from – throughout our product and service lifecycles.

Our commitment to cybersecurity is highlighted by five key areas:

  • Security-integrated development – We conduct cybersecurity review(s) and analyses to actively consider security and include appropriate control measures as we build, test, and deploy our new products, services, or platforms or when we update existing ones.

  • Internal and external security testing – We manage a testing program, leveraging internal and external expertise, to conduct a range of security tests to align our devices, products, and systems with current cybersecurity standards and to address current threats and risks.

  • Partnering with industry – We work together with partners to better assess trends, share threat information, and establish standards that protect energy systems. The risks posed by cyberattacks and compromised systems can impact the energy industry, and collaboration on cybersecurity challenges is critical to maintaining public trust in our industry.

  • Continuous threat and risk analysis – We strive to identify and address new and evolving threats and risks by collaborating through security information-sharing agreements and our internal monitoring in order to deploy cybersecurity controls that will help improve safety and security.

  • Privacy awareness and protection – The Enphase Privacy Policy sets forth our commitment to our customers and partners on the collection and use of personal data. Our cybersecurity efforts help to protect not only our products and services but also the data that we collect.