December 13, 2022

Charging a Tesla


Teslas are very common electric vehicles (EV), and their chargers are proprietary and slightly different from the universal J1772 charger used by most EVs.

The physical attributes of the Tesla charging port are different from other electric vehicles in North America, which use the J1772 standard connector, or “J-plug.” However, there is an adapter available from Tesla (which also comes with new Teslas) that allows you to charge a Tesla using a standard J1772 connector.

The charging stations available from Enphase have universal J1772 connectors, which work with all electric cars in North America, including Teslas.

Most public locations choose to install universal J1772 charging stations knowing Teslas can utilize the charger as well as all other EVs. Our charging stations are perfect for home use as well, whether it’s because you have a Tesla and another EV model in the home, or you want to provide charging for friends and family visiting with any EV.