Sunlight Backup​ installation support

Power essential devices during daytime outages—even without a battery.

With Enphase grid-forming IQ8 Series Microinverters and Sunlight Backup, homeowners can now power their high-priority loads during a daytime grid outage, without a battery.

Understanding the benefits and limitations of a Sunlight Backup energy system is essential. To guarantee a hassle-free installation and homeowner experience, please review the guidelines, videos, and documentation.

Set expectations with your homeowners

Sunlight Backup systems are designed to power only essential, low-load appliances.

Read the technical brief for homeowner talking points.

Use an IQ Load Controller to shed unnecessary loads

At least one IQ Load Controller is required to maintain system stability in off-grid mode.

Learn more about the IQ Load Controller.

Properly commission and configure the system

Use the Enphase Installer App to ensure the best homeowner experience.

Watch the video for step-by-step instructions.

Technical resources

Technical brief

Essential installation guidelines


Installation video

Step-by-step design, wiring, and commissioning information


System configurator

Components, part numbers, and system diagrams

Learn more

Installation guide

Configuration instructions for installers and system designers


Commissioning guide

Step-by-step commissioning instructions


User guide

Get to know the Sunlight Backup system