Learn about the application process step-by-step. 

Get started by applying in the Enphase Installer Portal.

Get preapproved as a developer

We encourage all our partner installers in California to register as preapproved SGIP developers. Start by downloading and completing the application form, attaching the required documents, and submitting your application directly to SGIP.

Confirm your SGIP budget

Budgets for incentives vary depending on the state and tier: equity, equity resilience incentive, or the regular residential incentive. Several factors determine the budget tier that customers fall into: 

  • Income: Check your local census data for the median income in your area. 

  • Area: Check if you live in a high-fire threat zone. 

  • Risk: If you’re a medical baseline customer or have notified your utility of a severe illness or condition that could become life-threatening if electricity is disconnected or rely on electric pump wells for water supplies. We recommend you check and confirm with your Enphase solar installer for this. 

For detailed eligibility criteria for the budgets, refer to the CPUC website.