Solar Only with IQ7 Series

An Enphase Solar Only system with IQ7 Series Microinverters is perfect for homeowners who want to save money on their utility bills, are less concerned about grid outages, and want to use the solar energy they produce to power their homes. Solar Only systems can be upgraded to Home Essentials Backup or Full Energy Independence at any point in the future.


In this configuration, the IQ7 Series Microinverters operate in a grid interactive mode. The system does not provide any backup and offers economic savings by using solar power to offset the customer’s consumption from the grid. Excess solar power can be exported back to grid when allowed by utilities and local Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs).


All the important parts you'll need for the IQ7 Series Solar Only configuration.


IQ7 Series Microinverter

Enphase Energy Systems with IQ7 Series Microinverters are fully compatible with IQ Batteries, making retrofit upgrades as simple as new installations.

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