Manufacturing in Texas

This manufacturing facility in Texas is the third assembly line in the United States to deliver Enphase IQ Microinverters. This location is part of a contract manufacturing partnership with Salcomp, a global contract manufacturer.

Texas Banner
Texas Banner
Texas Manufacturing plant
Texas Manufacturing plant
Texas Manufacturing plant
Microinverter assembly line equipment in Texas

What Enphase installers are saying about U.S. manufacturing

Stan Pipkin

Stan Pipkin, Owner of Lighthouse Solar: “The bar has been set based on our experience with Enphase over the last 8 years. Enphase is an essential part of our business. Getting to see the microinverter products get built was consistent with the culture we’ve come to know at Enphase.”

Mo Abdalla

Mo Abdalla, Founder of Good Faith Energy: “American-made matters. It matters to me. It matters to our economy. It matters to our customers. It matters to all the stakeholders involved.”

Derek Evans

Derek Evans, Chief Revenue Officer at Native Solar: “Touring the Enphase manufacturing facility helps to make sure that we can stand behind our products, and our customers are confident that the products we’re installing will last the test of time.” 

Larry Beiler

Larry Beiler, VP of Design & Procurement at Paradise Energy Solutions: “Quality and creating U.S. jobs is high on the priority list for Enphase. I’m really impressed with all the inspections Enphase does and the quality control all the way throughout the process.” (See Larry’s full tour of the Texas manufacturing facility on the Paradise Energy Solutions YouTube channel.)

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