Why this solar installer chose an Enphase system for their own office

project summary
Duke Energy Progress
Raleigh, NC
Solar EPC
Installation Type
solar system size
30.25 kW
Enphase microinverters
estimated lifetime production
831,014 kWh
estimated annual building energy load offset
48,914 kWh & 61% Offset
estimated annual savings
estimated lifetime savings

“As solar instaIlers, we embarked on the journey to harness solar power with the dual goals of reducing our carbon footprint and securing long-term energy savings.”

Usman Noor
Owner & Principal Engineer, 8MSolar

Why solar?

8MSolar installs top-class solar energy systems for their customers, and wanted to lead by example by installing a system on their own office building. As Usman Noor says, “Beyond the financial savings, the decision to go solar aligned perfectly with our values of sustainability and responsibility towards future generations.”

Why Enphase?

Noor, the founder of 8MSolar, has built a strong reputation in his community by choosing reliable products. “Enphase commercial microinverters fulfill the promise not just of optimal energy production,” he notes, “but also enhanced system resilience, ensuring our installation will stand the test of time.”