Harnessing solar energy in the K’ómoks First Nation community

project summary
K’ómoks First Nation Administration Building
Hakai Energy Solutions
BC Hydro
Comox, B.C., Canada
First Nations Administration
Installation Type
solar system size
26.2 kW
annual solar energy production
26,700 kWh
Enphase microinverters
estimated lifetime production
753,000 kWh
estimated annual environmental benefits
534 metric tons of CO₂
estimated annual building energy load offset
35% offset
estimated annual savings

“Designing and installing a system with Enphase’s new commercial microinverters was simple, flexible, and came with the best-in-class support on demand.”

Rob MacInnis
Senior PV System Designer, Hakai Energy Solutions

Why solar?

The installer calculates that the addition of this commercial solar solution to the K’ómoks First Nation administration building will offset approximately 35% of the building's electrical energy requirements. This will contribute to significant operational cost savings over the lifetime of the system, as well as reducing emissions by 534 metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO₂) annually—equivalent to greenhouse gas emissions from 119 gas-powered vehicles driven for one year, or to 104 homes' electricity use for one year, per the EPA.

Why Enphase?

The installer has the utmost respect for this customer and wants to assure their investment stands the test of time.

“We appreciate the industry-leading functionality and visualizations of the monitoring platform,” Rob MacInnis adds. “Additionally, if low-voltage power and module-level rapid shutdown, production optimization, and monitoring are a priority for a project, then the new Enphase IQ8P-3P Microinverters are an excellent solution.”