A greener game at Busch Stadium

project summary
Busch Stadium
Pivot Energy
St.Louis, Missouri
Professional sports
Installation Type
solar system size
26 kW
annual solar energy production
32,000 kWh
Enphase microinverters
110 IQ7
estimated lifetime production
19.3 MWh
estimated annual environmental benefits
122 tons CO2
estimated annual building energy load offset
estimated annual savings
estimated lifetime savings

"Microinverters save installation time for us while saving our customers money in the long run"

Marc Lopata
President and principle engineer at Pivot Energy

Why solar?

Busch Stadium established its “4 A Greener Game” sustainability program in 2008 to boost its commitment to environmental stewardship.

By 2012, the operations team had already reduced stadium energy
consumption by 20%, and they wanted to take it a step further by promoting
renewable energy resources. The home of the St. Louis Cardinals partnered
with Microgrid Energy (now Pivot Energy) to build a solar array on the roof of
the stadium’s ticket building and a second canopy in the outfield bleachers.
An educational kiosk was also added to provide an opportunity for fans to
learn about solar energy and its benefits.

Why Enphase?

It was important to the Busch Stadium team that the solar arrays be extremely safe, as they would both be located in high-traffic areas.

Design was also a challenge: the modules of each system must be placed at
varied angles in order to maximize energy production. Enphase
microinverters addressed both issues by enabling a high level of system
design flexibility and ensuring that only safe low-voltage energy ran through
the arrays. Lastly, Enphase microinverters enabled module-level monitoring,
which was not only vital for the operations staff to maintain the system, but
also provided detailed performance reporting to share the impact of solar
with fans and other stakeholders.