APS data requirements

In order to participate in the APS program, APS requires that you agree to share some data on your battery system and its performance with the utility.

What data will be shared as part of this program?

APS and Energyhub will be granted access to the following types of data:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • E-mail

  • Address, City, State, Zip (associated with location and utility account)

  • Date on which Device received Utility’s permission to operate, after undergoing interconnection and commissioning process

  • Battery UUID (unique identifier)

  • Battery manufacturer

  • Battery model

  • Battery charge capacity

  • Battery discharge capacity

  • Battery storage capacity

  • Application Status

  • Enrollment Date

  • Participant’s Utility Account Number

  • Timestamp

  • Battery SOC (% state of charge)

  • Battery mode

  • Solar energy production

  • Solar power production

  • Grid connected

For other Frequently Asked Questions, please visit the APS Residential Battery Pilot FAQ at: https://chargingrewards.com/faqs/apsbattery/

For additional questions regarding enrollment, please contact: gridservices@enphase.com