After installing and commissioning a system, smoothly hand off the Enphase Energy System to your homeowner.

Waiting for permission to operate

At this stage, you should have created a system activation, installed the system, verified that everything is operational, and are waiting for permission to operate (PTO). If you haven’t already, now is a good time to build the virtual array(s) in the Enphase Installer Portal to match what you installed on your customer’s roof. 

To power the system back on after PTO is received, you’ll either need to turn the breakers back on or disable Production Standby Mode if you enabled it after installation. When the system has been operational for 24 hours following PTO, your homeowner will receive an email with their Enphase App login credentials. 

Homeowner resources

Help introduce your customers to the Enphase App and what to expect with their new system.